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Almost 20 years of Aire-O2® operation celebrated by buying more! - Case Study


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'There is no maintenance with AIRE-O2® aerators …only once a year routine checks,' reports the city.


In 1977, a growing population and expanding cheese factory plant that the town received at its treatment plant was causing continuous non-compliance problems for this Midwestern USA community. A plant official reported, 'Because of numerous violations of its discharge permit, the city was under a stipulation agreement from the state’s Pollution Control Agency which banned any further sewer and water extensions until the effluent limits could be met.'


The city purchased 26 x 5 hp (3.73 kW) AIRE-O2® aerators for its secondary treatment ponds. The ‘aspirator aeration’ technology was new in the industry then, introduced by Aeration Industries. 'Within a couple of weeks, the city’s WWTP was back in compliance,' said the official. ‘These units continued to function up until 1995.' Spring turnover used to be a 'killer' too. 'But, the first year with the AIRE-O2® aerators, there was no problem,' the he added. 'There is no maintenance with the AIRE-O2® aerators. Only once a year routine checks.And, if you need only two, you can operate two. If you need eight, then I run eight in a pond.' This added up to electrical savings for the city. After nearly 18 years of trouble-free operation, the city replaced the aerators with 22 x 5 hp (3.73 kW) new AIRE-O2® aerators


Although the city has a population of only 2,700, the town’s cheese processing plant makes their influent equivalent to a city of 50,000. In 1986, the city expanded its capacity by constructing a mechanical plant to be used in conjunction with the aerated ponds. 'Things did not go as planned,' the official reported. 'The RBCs couldn’t maintain our standards, so we had to rely more heavily on our aerated ponds. The RBCs are high maintenance and have labor costs. And odors were a problem from day one.' In 1997, the city decided to install the Aeration Industries’ new Triton aerator/mixer in a pre-treatment basin. 'It’s worked great' in improving the RBCs performance.

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