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Alpha Glucoamylase

Alpha Glucoamylase, also known as glycosylase. It is an efficient biological preparation made by liquid fermentation and purification of Aspergillus Niger introduced from the United States. It can be used in the saccharification process of beer brewing to improve fermentation degree and yield in the saccharification stage.

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Alpha Glucoamylase Characteristics

The enzyme can hydrolyze the c-1, 4 bonds successively from the end of the starch chain, At the same time, starch can be slowly hydrolyzed into glucose by the bond 1,6. 1 ml of enzyme solution, which can hydrolyze soluble starch to produce 1mg glucose within 1 hour, is a unit of enzyme activity (u/ml).


Alpha Glucoamylase Operating Conditions

Temperature: pH value:

Optimum temperature range: 58 ℃ to 65 ℃; Optimum pH range: 4.0-6.0;

Effective temperature range: 55 ℃ to 70 ℃. Effective pH range: 3.0-6.5.


Alpha Glucoamylase Effect of Efficacy

Improve fermentation degree and improve the yield of the saccharification stage.


Specifications and Standards

This product is a brown liquid preparation, decolorization, enzyme activity: more than 100 thousand u/ml, 150 thousand u/mL. This product carries out the national standard GB8276-2006. This product is in line with the relevant provisions of the national food safety standards GB2760-2011 and GB25594-2010.


Amount of Use

For saccharification, the recommended dosage is 200-400 ml/ton of raw material and is added at the beginning of saccharification. However, due to the differences in the composition of raw materials and process parameters, the optimal dosage of this product should be determined by the test of different dosage in the saccharification workshop.


Packaging and Storage

This product is packed in a non-toxic plastic drum, 30kg/ barrel. This product is a bioactive substance. It should be placed in a low temperature and dry place to avoid direct sunlight. Sun should be avoided during transportation.


Shelf Life

This product has a shelf life of 6 months under a low temperature below 15 degrees Celsius.

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