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Alphastrut Aluminium Handrail System - Case Study


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  • Continuous unobstructed top rail in line with NORSOK standards
  • No welding required
  • Quick installation
  • Low maintenance
  • High level of corrosion resistance
  • Lighter than steel handrails

Alphastrut, the leading supplier of aluminium support systems to the offshore oil and gas sector, has developed a handrail system that combines strength and corrosion resistance with the highest safety standards.

The patent pending handrail system is made from high grade aluminium extrusions anodised to marine grade and features a continuous unobstructed top rail that meets the exacting requirements of NORSOK standards, along with matching mid and bottom rails.

A fully bolted and clamped system with no obstructive fixings on the rails and fully adjustable connection details for stair and wall fixing, it can be adapted for use on any layout.

Simple to install, with no requirement for welding, and with minimum maintenance needed, it is the perfect choice of handrail for use on offshore oil and gas platforms, ships and in onshore aggressive environments.


  • DNV Certified
  • Barrier load: 1.5kN
  • Standard Finish: Anodised aluminium
  • Optional Finish: Powder coated in Std RAL colour

Why Choose Alphastrut Aluminium Handrails

Cost Savings

The life cycle cost of the Alphastrut handrail system compares favourably with the mild steel alternatives that have traditionally been used in offshore oil and gas platforms and marine environments.

Aluminium’s lighter weight means lower transport expenses and easier manual handling, while the quick no-weld installation process reduces costs significantly at the fit-out stage.

Further savings are made on maintenance, as Alphastrut will not need to be painted and its durability means it will not rust or crack.


The connection details are fully adjustable for corners and stairs.

The Alphastrut aluminium handrail system was designed to be as adaptable as possible, so can be used in any layout.

It has fully adjustable connection details for easy installation on stairs and corners, with no drilling needed to fix the rails to the posts.

The system is also reusable, allowing you to take full advantage of the long life created by the strength and corrosion resistance of the components.


The Alphastrut aluminium handrail system matches steel alternatives for strength, but has other properties that make it better suited for use offshore and in onshore aggressive environments.

Aluminium is renowned for its corrosion resistant properties, which have seen it used for a range of applications in the offshore and marine sectors.

To enhance those natural properties the engineered aluminium extrusions used for Alphastrut handrails are anodised to AA25 marine grade, so they will not rust in the same way as steel handrails and will not develop cracks.

This high level of corrosion resistance means the handrails do not need to be painted, even when they are intended for use in testing offshore conditions or the most aggressive onshore environments.

The strength of the Alphastrut handrail system means it maintains its structural integrity when struck by an external force. If any damage is suffered, it will be visible and simple to spot during visual checks as part of a planned inspection regime.

Quick Installation

One of the key benefits of Alphastrut aluminium handrails is ease of installation, helping to reduce both costs and timescales during fit-outs.

The system is fully bolted, so no welding is required at any stage and no special tools are needed. It also features fully adjustable connection details for stair and wall fixing. To further speed the process, no drilling is required to assemble the system for new installations. In fact, the only drilling that may be needed is to fix the base plate bracket to the steel deck.

The Alphastrut handrail system is modular, so can be cut to suit any layout. As it is made from aluminium, it can be cold cut on site.

Alphastrut’s standard handrail finish is anodised aluminium, but the system can be supplied ready powder coated to meet the specifications of your project. Access and egress points can be colour coded for easy identification.

Retrofit Installation

The Alphastrut aluminium handrail system is ideal for retrofit projects, such as the replacement of corroded steel handrails on offshore platforms and ships or the implementation of safety measures on decommissioning projects.

Installation is straightforward, as a clamping system allows for fully bolted connection to existing steelwork, with no welding or hot work permits required. A limited amount of drilling may be needed on some retrofit projects.

The system is also simple to uninstall and can be reused to take advantage of its long life.

Low Maintenance

The Alphastrut handrail system has been developed to be as low maintenance as possible, further reducing its life cycle cost.

A simple visual check to match the requirements of the site’s inspection regime is the full extent of the maintenance required during the handrails’ lifetime.

Given the strength and high level of corrosion resistance of Alphastrut, there is no need for a full maintenance programme or annual repainting, reducing the amount of downtime required for maintenance work.

Weight Saving

Alphastrut handrails are the perfect choice for environments in which weight saving is a key consideration, such as offshore oil and gas platforms.

The system is around 50% lighter than steel alternatives, reducing the total weight of the project, making for easier manual handling and cutting the cost of shipping the components.

Where Can The Alphastrut Handrail System Be Used?

The system was originally designed for use on offshore oil and gas platforms, but its strength, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance means it is the perfect choice for a range of aggressive environments.

  • Offshore oil and gas platforms / FPSOs
  • Decommissioning sites, including oil rigs (Alphastrut’s handrail system is easy to install, uninstall and reuse)
  • Ships
  • Onshore facilities on the coast, such as ports, refineries and nuclear power stations
  • Food and drink processing / chemical manufacturing plants
  • Any construction project with rooftop and exterior walkways

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