Alternative Regenerants


Courtesy of IXOM Watercare

The MIEX® Technology was originally designed for the removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC), a precursor to
the formation of THMs and HAAs, from drinking water supplies. More recently, the MIEX® Technology is finding many more applications for the removal of a range of contaminants across many industries.

Traditionally, DOC-loaded MIEX® Resin has been regenerated using brine, a concentrated solution of sodium chloride that replaces the DOC on the resin with chloride. The regenerated resin is then returned to service.

Increasingly, applications are being found where the use of the MIEX® Technology can benefit from the use of other
salt solutions as regenerants. Test work has been done using a range of alternative salts to demonstrate their capacity to act as effective regenerants in the MIEX® Process. This case study describes two of these sets of tests.

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