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Alternative sanitation technologies for emergencies and reconstruction situations

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Emergency situations following events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, land-slides, droughts, and wars provide challenging environments for intervening agencies with regards to hygienic water and sanitation provision.

The concern is that quick fix emergency solutions for sanitation may not be sustainable in the long term, while many emergency interventions and their humanitarian efforts can often last for many years. Thus, in places where choices during an immediate emergency phase may impact the long term sustainability of a system, considerations for alternatives to conventional sanitation technologies are desirable. A keyword for the emergency context is preparedness in terms of knowing what the most appropriate solutions are, and possessing the means of implementing the chosen solution quickly. If a sanitation system exists which can provide benefits in the emergency phase, with long term applicability, and if it can be mobilized quickly, the win-win situation is apparent.

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