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Aluminum Can Crusher

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There are a number of industries that use an incredibly high number of aluminum and other metal cans in their daily business. For example, restaurants open hundreds of cans a day, and house painters do, too. As the number of cans adds up, so does the amount of the waste that needs to be gotten rid of--in as efficient a manner possible.

Anyone who has painted a single room knows how much room paint cans take up in the trash. Now imagine dozens of them, both of the one gallon and five gallon size, cluttering the back of your van or truck or your office's storage facility. Crushing these cans reduces their volume by more then half, making it possible to throw away more than twice as many cans in one dumpster-load.

A restaurant in New York City or the surrounding area can pay well over $300 per month to rent dumpster space and have trash picked up! If they fill their dumpster with cans that take up extra space, they end up paying even more to have the dumpster emptied more often. Simply crushing the cans will help to eliminate this extra expense. Cafeterias in schools, other public facilities, and offices will also benefit from the ability to crush metal cans--in seconds!

There are many can crushers on the market, but we are proud to introduce a small, commercial-grade crusher made and sold at an affordable price. The Little Squeeze is an electric can crusher small enough to sit on a tabletop and powerful enough to crush a five-gallon paint can to one-sixth its original size.

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