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Aluminum dross processing, Bahrain


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The Gulf region is the world’s fastest-growing aluminum smelting hub, expected to account for 10% of global production by 2010. Aluminum producers remain liable for the ultimate safe disposal of any waste material. Dross arises from aluminum smelting at a rate of approx 2% of production, and only 40% of the dross is recovered as metal. The remaining waste is hazardous and must be treated before landfilling.

Alba, Bahrain’s national aluminum producer, asked Harsco to provide a proposal which would cope with increasing dross volume, while at the same time ensuring proper environmental controls on disposal of any process waste.

Harsco has provided dross processing services in Bahrain since 1995. To capitalize on Bahrain's strategic location, we have invested in a new furnace, doubling our dross processing capacity.

Harsco developed a solution for Alba using rotating tilting furnace technology which maximises energy efficiency and metal recovery. The residual non metallic products, after separation of the metallic units, are recycled into metallurgical additives used in steelmaking. The recovered aluminum is cast into ingots and returned to the smelter for recycling into aluminum production process.

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