Aluminum Extrusion & Anodizing Wastewater Treatability Test Success

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Aluminum Extrusion & Anodizing

Aluminum Wastewater Jar Test

The wastewater sample that was received from an aluminum extrusion and anodizing facility was tested with the Floccin K and it treated well at a dosage of 0.5 grams/1,000 ml which equates to a dosage of 4.2 lbs/1,000 gallon. The facility has a flow of 250 gpm, so this equates to a usage rate of 63 lbs/hour or 1,520 lbs/24 hours of operation.

A 1,000ml beaker filled with the water sample was used to conduct the treatability; the starting pH was recorded at 8.5. Floccin K was used for testing, and mixed 0.5 grams was added to the 1,000ml beaker containing the wastewater. Flocculation occurred 30 seconds of mixing and after 3 minutes of mixing, the jar was removed and the solids were allowed to settle. The treated water had very low turbidity. The results are shown in the photos below:

Aluminum Extrusion & Anodizing Wastewater Treatment Jar Test


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