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Aluminum Recycling Equipment

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Recycling is an important means of preserving our environment, and a good way of getting started is by recycling aluminum cans. In most cases (depending on where you live and what the laws are) the cans are collected in drop-off programs or at your curbside, and then cans are sorted, consolidated, and crushed. The crushed cans are then baled for transportation to a recycling facility which melts them down and converts the old aluminum into new products.

The only piece of specialty equipment required in this process is the can crusher. Most of these machines are juggernauts--huge, hulking things that are enormously powerful and expensive to purchase. But Bee Cool Manufacturing has created the Little Squeeze, an inexpensive, portable can crusher/compactor that is powerful enough to crush up to five-gallon metal cans to a sixth of their original size!

And when compared to other machines of equal power, it's remarkably inexpensive. Because it's so small, it runs on normal household electricity--making it less expensive to use, too. And if you're concerned about time, you'll be delighted to discover that the Little Squeeze works in seconds.

A lot of energy is saved while recycling aluminum--more than other materials like paper. It takes a lot of energy to dig up or mine bauxite (aluminum ore) and process it into aluminum. Melting down used cans and recycling them saves this effort and the wear on our environment. Bee Cool Manufacturing is proud to help in this effort.

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