America Chung Nam: committed to the paper loop

China is not only the worlds biggest importer of scrap metals, it also hold this position with recovered paper. To satisfy its paper mills, China has to import huge volumes of recovered paper because the country is poor in forests to produce pulp and because domestic paper collection is still in its infancy. The world’s biggest exporter of recovered paper to China is America Chung Nam. With offices in the USA and Europe and a number of paper mills in China, the company is the No. 1 paper player in China.

Before 1995, China country imported only around 500 000 tonnes of recovered paper per annum. From that time on, paper imports have surged. According to the Almanac of China’s Paper Industry, the country imported 9.3 million tonnes of recovered paper in 2003, with imports of ld corrugated containers (OCC) topping the list, followed by old newspapers (ONP) and minor volumes of office waste paper and old magazines (OMG). It is expected that waste paper imports will continue to increase at an average rate of 6-8 % per year in the next few years.

Most of the material is imported from North America. ‘The United States is the OPEC of recovered paper’, somebody once said. In 2004, total U.S. paper recovery reached well over fifty million tonnes of which about 25% was exported, making this commodity the US’s biggest volume-export. Currently, China’s per capita paper consumption is 30 kilogram, compared with 233 kg in Europe and 332 kg in the USA. According to the China Paper industry Association, demand for paper and carton board will have grown to 80 million tonnes per annum in 2015, making the country the second largest consumer in the world. This seems huge, but it only means that by 2015, the per capita consumption in China will have reached 60 kg. In order to satisfy the growing production, by 2015 China must have added another 40 million tonnes of paper making capacity which will require a total investment of some US$ 48 billion.

As both a dedicated buyer of recovered paper and owner of a number of paper mills in China, America Chung Nam (ACN) is China’s number one recovered paper importer as well as one of the country’s three biggest paper producers

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