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American Liquid Waste Magazine: Clean Harbors - Providing Full Service Environmental Services


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Clean Harbors in Norwell, Massachusetts is one of the largest full service environmental firms in North America, boasting one hundred seventy-five locations, including fifty waste management facilities. They provide an array of services from industrial vacuuming to oil spill clean-up to dewatering. And Dana Aaronson, Vice President of Operations at Clean Harbors, knows all there is to know about dewatering.

Dewatering has been his specialty since he started working for an environmental service company part-time during college in the early 80s, “I was hired as an accountant because that was what my studies were in. Then I was hired as an Assistant Controller, and I really developed an affinity for the operational side of the business.”

He left to pursue public accounting for a short time, but the environmental service industry was calling him back, and he returned in 1986. He has been involved with an environmental company that offers dewatering ever since and arrived at Clean Harbors in 2002, a company that has had the same CEO, Alan S. McKim, since the company first started, thirty years ago, “There’s a lot of legacy and continuity here,” Aaronson says.

Clean Harbors focuses primarily on refineries and petro-chemical plants, but also offers their service to municipalities, as well as the steel and pulp and paper industries. Aaronson says, “We’ve been performing our dewatering service with the same core group of people for the last twenty years.”

Clean Harbors’ ultimate purpose is reducing the amount of waste that the customer has to deal with. Customers have to think about offsite transportation and disposal costs or placing the solids in their own landfill, creating a desire to protect and preserve that landfill space. Clean Harbors works to minimize the waste and assists with these objectives, “Every project is unique and needs to be evaluated on its own merit,” Aaronson says, and Clean Harbors seeks to eliminate the need for companies to hire a host of additional contractors in order to get a specific project done. With a diversity of disposal facilities across North America and a large network of transportation assets, as Aaronson puts it, “We offer a cradle to the grave service.”

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