American Rose Trials for Sustainability Introduces its First Winning Roses for 2018 - Case Study


A new American rose trialing program — American Rose Trials for Sustainability® — moves forward in the quest to identify beautiful, reliable and sustainable selections.

American Rose Trials for Sustainability®(A.R.T.S.®) is a new U.S. landscape and garden rose trialing program introducing its first winning roses – seven in all – for 2018.

A.R.T.S.®began in January 2012, and was prompted by the disbanding of the All-America Rose Selection (AARS) program, an industry-managed U.S. rose trialing program that began in 1938. Unfortunately, multiple member rose producers went out of business during the recent recession and that, in part, contributed to AARS’s closure.

The Mission

The mission of A.R.T.S.® is: “To identify, through regional evaluation and testing under low-input conditions, the most disease and pest resistant, hardiest and most garden-worthy rose cultivars and to provide objective, accurate and reliable information about the cultivars tested in each region to industry professionals and the gardening public.” A clear sense of purpose at its foundation, scientific rigor, program transparency and stakeholder representation contribute to the strength of A.R.T.S.®.

Why now?

The need for an independent trialing program for new roses in the U.S. is greater than ever due to the strong pace of new roses coming into the marketplace. Over the last decade, the horticulture industry has evolved and the trend is for fewer and larger nurseries to grow and distribute a wider range of plant species. Many large nurseries are also managing their own branded plant programs. Exclusive cultivars of roses and other species are sought to help create unique plant collections to distinguish and draw customers to elite brands. The result is a steady supply of new roses entering the marketplace by a more diverse group of nurseries than ever. New roses are not only coming from U.S. breeders, but from several international rose breeders, as well. Having an unbiased, independent evaluation and awards program that trials new roses under low-input conditions across U.S. climates is a valuable contribution that A.R.T.S.® is eager to provide the horticulture community.

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