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American Upstart Filter Brand Competing with the Majors

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Flexotherm® has expanded its product line in the highly competitive filtration market.  The company now offers 2,900 different filter elements including coalescers, particulate, adsorbers, general purpose and high temperature filters.

Consistent Sales Growth
The new product line rolled out in early 2010, has shown incremental monthly gains averaging over 46% for the past four months. The brand is also gaining momentum overseas, landing new accounts in the U.K., France, Italy, Australia, Egypt and Turkey in recent weeks.

Competitive Advantage
Flexotherm® has been successful by focusing on key product attributes customers are looking for- - basically product quality, performance, filtration efficiency and low replacement cost. The growing volume has enabled the company to achieve production cost efficiencies and offer extremely aggressive pricing.

Unique Product Design
The unique coalescing-separator filter design utilizes inorganic microfibers vacuum-formed into complex paths that trap particles throughout the entire cross-section of the filter, maximizing capacity and lowering pressure drop. They are used in water-oil separation, solvent recovery, air-oil separation, bacteria-dust removal, and removal of submicron particles.

Particulate filters are made from special grades of borosilicate glass, cellulose and synthetic fibers which provide high performance particle removal in applications ranging from food processing to industrial filtration.

Invisible Contaminants
The business of filtration ain’t pretty.  While often invisible to the naked eye, elements filter out contamination such as hydrocarbons, oil, metallurgical dust, smoke, paint pigments, particulate matter, exhaust, bacteria and atmospheric dust down to the submicron level.  The range of applications is virtually endless with growing environmental and worker safety concerns over air quality and liquid purification, as well as for the protection of industrial equipment.

Demonstrating Quality and Value
Because Flexotherm® is a new player in an established market, it was important to demonstrate product quality and performance by getting prototypes into the hands of prospective customers for testing and evaluation. Real world results have proven that their filter elements are at least equivalent to the major brands in terms of quality and performance, at a superior value.  The word has spread largely through product sampling and word-of-mouth.  Marketing efforts have been limited to online listings in Thomas Net and Google Product Search.

Competing with the Majors
The rapid growth of the Flexotherm® brand is remarkable considering the historical market dominance of major equipment manufacturers, who have held a captive market and commanded premium prices for replacement filter elements. Flexotherm® replacement elements are directly interchangeable with virtually all major brands, including Parker, Balston, Domnick-Hunter, Finite, Filtersoft, Hankison, Headline, Ingersoll-Rand, Pall, Wilkerson and literally hundreds of others from Airtak to Zurn.

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About the Company
Flexotherm® is a division of Neptech, Inc. based in Highland, Michigan. The company manufactures a wide variety of electrically heated products including heated lines, heated filters, valves, high temperature heated insulated blankets, temperature controls, CEMS equipment for continuous emissions monitoring and flexible silicone heating elements used for emissions testing and countless other industrial applications. The company is also an authorized distributor for thousands of related components including fittings, flow meters, pressure gauges and temperature sensors. The company works with major OEMs, engine manufacturers, Research and Development facilities such as Southwest Research Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as institutions such as the University of Michigan and Stanford University.












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