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American vs China injection mold


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American injection mold builders still have an edge competing with overseas mold making shops even those owned by US investors & run by US professionals there. With smart decisions and efficient shop practices we are still world class in value oriented tooling. Although our politicians are not doing enough to make the playing field level for us. Lack of Corporate level 'long term vision' is killing their own ventures overseas injection molding.

This is also happening in Japan and elsewhere. I have heard even some of the injection molding machine makers who rushed to build injection molding machines in China to cut costs, have found themselves second guessing this decision now, due to quality issues, rising labor costs, etc. (for the record, the Niigata brand is still made 100% in Japan).

Also, lest we forget, China cannot currently be considered a strong ally to the Western World. Currency manipulation, intellectual property theft, environmental issues, human rights issues, etc. etc. ....There was a time when this mattered to people, and perhaps is starting to matter again. Just driving to the lowest cost provider is in essence a 'race to the bottom'.

I found myself in an ugly discussion on a different web venue about two months ago when people were thinking a discussion like this was simply anti-Chinese. The race to the bottom, with the lowest price being more important than quality. There are Chinese injection mold makers and plastic processors that product excellent quality. The point is producing a quality product, and to do that every factor has to be considered, including distance from supplier to buyer in terms of travel time for meetings and shipment time for products. It seems that the wheel is turning on this issue, and I think I just took a long paragraph to say what you dais in one short sentence.

Quality definitely comes at a cost, and if you add this with ever increasing fuel cost and advancements in automation, the 'Chinese benefit would no longer be a governing factor. With deregulation of Chinese currency this cost benefit will further go kaput....(zero). In addition to this, there will be a political compulsion in North America/Europe to ensure that local injection mold is sustained.

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