AMETEK Land reintroduces continuous emissions monitoring system for smaller combustion processes


Courtesy of AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land announces the reintroduction of the FGA 900 Series, its compact and fully integrated continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) for flue gas measurements on processes burning natural gas and biomass. 

FGA 900 Series Series is an extractive sampling multi-gas analyser, which provides accurate measurement of carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), and oxygen (O2) in flue gases and calculates carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOX), allowing for better process control. For international compliance emissions measurements, the FGA 900 Series has MCERTS QAL1 approval to BS EN 15267 in Europe and meets the requirements of US EPA Performance Specifications 2, 3 and 4 for the relevant gases. 
“Most combustion processes are subject to some form of environmental regulation. Our FGA 900 Series is a simple CEMS especially suited for smaller applications,” explains Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager – Power at AMETEK Land. “It is an ideal system for measuring emissions from natural gas-fired and biomass boilers and for reciprocating engines.”
“AMETEK Land has more than 20 years of experience in CEMS technology, so the FGA is well-proven in industry. Its all-in-one design offers an attractive alternative to the traditional CEMS, which often encompasses multiple analysers and requires a large amount of time and skill to specify, build and test,” continues Stuart. 
“The FGA 900 Series integrates the sample conditioning, gas analysis calibration and data processing functions into a single, weatherproof system, providing a robust, reliable and simple emissions measurement for regulatory compliance in smaller combustion processes.” 

The FGA 900 Series is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as it features a fully weatherproof housing and has optional heating or cooling for extreme environments.  It is easy to install, and no specialist skills needed for routine servicing.  
The dual-sensor technology built into the FGA 900 Series delivers high sensitivity with very low drift to ensure reliable, long-term CEMS monitoring. In addition, the unit can be easily mounted directly onto a wall or structure, which allows for outdoor mounting close to the measurement point.
In addition to its FGA 900 Series CEMS, AMETEK Land designs and manufactures a range of opacity and PM monitors and gas analysers, including the Model 4500 MkIII opacity and 4650-PM monitors, which have set the industry standards for compliance opacity and dust concentration monitoring. AMETEK Land’s Lancom 4 portable gas analyser is robust and accurate for combustion efficiency and emissions monitoring measurements in all combustion processes.

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