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AMETEK PI wins stack gas/emissions analyzer category bronze medal award in control magazine reader choice awards


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Every single interaction between customer and supplier is an oppor-tunity for providing good solutions. After awhile, these positive mo-ments really begin to add up.

Despite the huge effort and extreme consistency required, the best vendors almost re¬ exively deliver useful products and services, and con-tinually develop and release new improvements and innovations. Con-sequently, over months, years and decades, they methodically build reputations for quality, and gain the elusive and precious trust of their customers in the process industries.

Many of those customers have again voted to determine the winners of Control’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards. As usual, about 1,000 respon-dents weighed in on which suppliers provided the best products and services in the main process automation disciplines, primary process in-dustries and in nine overall product categories and 78 subcategories. The respondents include both U.S.-based and international readers of Control’s print magazine and its website. Each was allowed to vote for up to three vendors in each category and discipline, and then their   rst-, second- and third-place votes were weighted to yield a rank of up to   ve top suppliers in each category.

Because of their technical preeminence and un¬ agging support, the suppliers ranked by responses to the Readers’ Choice Awards sur-vey remain remarkably consistent year to year, even though changing groups of readers do the voting. Certainly, there’s always some jock-eying for position and minor reshuf¬ ing among vendors competing in the categories and subcategories due to differing respondents and their shifting vendor experiences in the past year. However, tectonic shifts in the rankings typically only happen when large process auto-mation and control suppliers merge with other large players, gain or lose parts of their traditional businesses in spin-offs or acquisitions, carry out large reorganizations that impact how they go to market, or expand organically into new technological areas.

Undoubtedly, this year’s biggest recent change of this kind was Schneider Electric’s more than $5-billion acquisition of Invensys just one year ago. Because the former Invensys was a such a long-standing pillar of the control and automation community, the pro-cess of folding it and its Avantis, Eurotherm, Foxboro, InFusion, SimSci, Triconex and Wonderware divisions and brands into its new parent company is causing some seismic waves to ripple though the Readers’ Choice categories, and will likely continue to generate a few aftershocks in the coming months as readers continue to get used to the name and organizational change.

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