AMETEK THERMOX Introduces the WDG-V Combustion Analyzer


Courtesy of Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX


AMETEK THERMOX Introduces the 5th Generation THERMOX Combustion Gas Analyzer in a CONTROL Magazine Exclusive.

WDG analyzers are based on a zirconium oxide cell that provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for measuring excess oxygen in flue gas as well as CO and methane levels.  Information from the Gas Analyzer allows operators to obtain the highest fuel efficiency, while lowering emissions for NOx, CO and CO2.  The zirconium oxide cell responds to the difference between the concentration of oxygen in the flue gas versus an air reference.  To assure complete combustion, the flue gas should contain several percent oxygen. The optimum excess oxygen concentration is dependent on the fuel type (natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids and coal).

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