AMIAD’s Filtomat Microfiber for RO Pre-Treatment

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Courtesy of Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

In this feature article, we outline the effectiveness of Amiad Filtomat Microfiber automatic self cleaning filter technology when used in reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment for the production of potable water. The Filtomat provides effective prefiltration of various water sources prior to RO. We examine how the pre-filtration technology operates and how it can be integrated into a RO system. We include details on a project developed and installed by Veolia-OTVB at Folkestone and Dover Water Services’ (FDWS) Denge Water Treatment works, UK, in 2004. We evaluate the
effectiveness of the Filtomat units on site for filtering groundwater sources and draw on FDWS’s operational experiences since commissioning.

Amiad has developed a comprehensive range of compact automatic and manual self-cleaning filters over the last 40 years, incorporating innovative technology characterised by low operating cost and short capital payback. Filtomat units are typically installed in potable water applications, including RO pre-treatment (where they can protect against Cryptosporidium oocyst) and nanofiltration pre-treatment where membranes are used to primarily remove colour.
Other applications include use in effluent treatment processes, recirculation-water filtration systems, cooling tower main and side-stream filtration applications, and offshore water injection projects.

Amiad’s filtration technology has been evaluated by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and approved by the UK Secretary of State for use in UK public water supplies. The units are marketed in the UK by water filtration specialists Atkins Fulford  who provide a comprehensive service from initial evaluation and feasibility studies through to commissioning and ongoing servicing.

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