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Amiad’s pre-treatment systems used in NEWater factories

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In this article we focus on the NEWater project in Singapore, where high grade reclaimed water, to supplement water supply requirements, is produced from treated secondary effluent at NEWater factories. We describe how Amiad’s ABF10000 (BRUSH) filters are used in NEWater factories for the effective pre-treatment of secondary treated effluent. After this screening, subsequent micro-/ultra-filtration (MF/UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) treatment technologies from various manufacturers are used to produce NEWater. The NEWater produced is used mainly for direct supply to industrial users with high standards required for their feed-water, and a small proportion of NEWater is blended with rainwater in reservoirs as a raw water feed to produce water for potable use.

We explain how the pre-filtration technology operates, and how this is integrated into a variety of MF-/UF-RO systems. Examples of successfully installed Amiad screen filtration units are featured in the Singapore NEWater factories at Bedok, Kranji, Seletar and Ulu Pandan.

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