Amine Purification System (AmiPur®) – Continuous Heat Stable Salts Removal from Amine Solutions

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Amine scrubbing solutions are used to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams and LPG in many oil refineries and natural gas conditioning plants. Due to its high selectivity to H2S, Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) is most commonly used to remove H2S in the presence of CO2 from gas streams and LPG.

Amine plant operational problems, such as excessive foaming, corrosion, and capacity reduction, are often attributed to the accumulation of amine heat stable salts. These heat stable salts lead to costly maintenance problems such as corrosion, frequent filter replacement, foaming in the absorber column, absorber tower plugging, heat exchanger fouling and a reduction in the amount of amine available for gas treating.

Continuous amine purification is being increasingly recognized as the most effective solution for HSS related problems. The benefits of continuous HSS removal go beyond limiting the level of impurities in the amine loop. A continuous on-line purification system helps to ensure a stable and uniform gas conditioning operation where contaminant level in the amine solution is prevented from building up, thus minimizing the rate of corrosion. It also ensures that amine unit operation is reliable and provides the designed gas treating efficiency.

Developed by Eco-Tec Inc. Canada in 1998, AmiPur® (Amine Purification System) uses anion exchange technology to continuously remove heat stable salts. Therefore, it ensures reliable operation of amine plant.

2. AmiPur® – Heat Stable Salt Removal System
Eco-Tec AmiPur® employes its Reciprocating Flow (RecofloTM) ion exchange technology, which has been extensively used since 1973 in many chemical recovery and water treatment systems. The AmiPur®, a unique and cost effective on line amine purification system has the following features:

  • Fine particle size resins;
  • Countercurrent regeneration;
  • Short column heights (12 inch, 30 cm);
  • Low resin loading;
  • Fast flows and short cycles;

These on-line Eco-Tec Amine Purification (AmiPur®) systems are now successfully operating in 25 petroleum refineries and natural gas plants in 10 countries worldwide,
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