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Ammonia Scrubbing Semiconductor Manufacturing 101


Semiconductor chip manufacturing utilizes a variety of inorganic acids and ammonia solutions. Mixing of acid gases and ammonia in a ventilation system can result in a as phase reaction producing very fine particulate that is ifficult and expensive to remove. For this reason a large emiconductor foundry on the west coast decided topre-treat the exhaust from the ammonia sources prior o mixing with the general ventilation from the acid sources. The volume at each source was relatively small(1,500 – 2,500 CFM) and the customer’s preference wasto treat each source independently to avoid an elaborate duct arrangement.

Verantis had the perfect solution, our packaged Mini-Scrubber. The polypropylene units are designed as a complete compact assembly with support frame, top mounted fan, and automated controls. The unique sprayer design eliminates the need for a recirculation pump and piping reducing both energy usage and maintenance requirements. Using dilute sulfuric solution,the system is able to achieve > 95% ammonia removal.

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