Amnite L300 clearinate uric acid degrader case study


Courtesy of Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

A 24 hour supermarket on the outskirts of London, part of a major chain, had frequent customer complaints about the unpleasant smell emanating from the urinals in the male toilet area. All attempts to resolve the matter over an eighteen month period proved unsuccessful. Cleveland Biotech were asked to investigate and, if possible to remedy the problem. The source of the odours was identified as uric acid crystallising in the urinal drain lines, but also, in part, to uric acid trapped under the floor tiles around the urinals. This latter problem is common due to the inaccuracy of the male species even though they are equipped with a pointer. The uric acid gets under the tiles through the grout where it crystallises and produces odours. Cleveland Biotech recommended that an automatic Clearinate Dosing System be installed in the men’s toilets dosing concentrated Clearinate into the cistern of the urinals on a programmed basis. They also recommended that the cleaners added Clearinate to their daily wash water in order to degrade the uric acid under the tiles. Both recommendations were accepted and the Dosing System fitted in August . Within four weeks of the adoption of these proposals all the odours were eliminated and no further customer complaints about urinal odours have been recorded since.

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