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AmperVerband - Geiselbullach - Case Study


Courtesy of Cambi Group AS

  • Client: Amperverband
  • Solution: Cambi SolidStream

At AmperVerband WWTP, Cambi has installed its first SolidStream plant. The SolidStream plant now works a full scale demonstration plant, treating all digested sludge from the waste water treatment plant.

AmperVerband WWTP treat sludge from its 150 000 inhabitants, in addition to industrial sludge counting for 30 000 pe. This gives a load of 4700 tDS/yr of Primary and Secondary sludge.

In 2014 Cambi installed its first full scale SolidStream plant, with ramp up and full operation within 2015, and formal Take-Over by AmperVerband at end of 2016. With this installation Cambi have gained experience for the new technology and have been able to prove impressive process performance:

Compared to conventional digestion pre-Cambi, sludge to disposal has been reduced from 11 900 t/r to 4700 t/yr, VSR has increased from 52% to 75%, and biogas production has increased by more than 40%, from 4370Nm³/d to 6150 Nm³/d. The sludge cake is of high quality with low odor and easy handling.

Today Cambi are using the plant for verification and further development of the SolidStream process, as well as bringing new customers to plant to demonstrate the new SolidStream technology.

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