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An analytical study on institutionalising entrepreneurship in India

Entrepreneurship development programmes are an answer to glaring problems of unemployment and poverty which could ensure inclusive growth in the country. The fact that entrepreneurs are not born but can be created has been established long before and efforts towards this direction have seen nearly three and a half decades. The importance and indispensability of EDPs conducted by the ED institutions cannot be questioned. However, it is high time that we need to make an assessment of all the efforts made for this cause and also critically analyse the impact made by EDPs in general and the working of ED institutions in particular. This paper deals with the following three issues: firstly, it sets out the reasons why promoting entrepreneurship is a force of economic change that must take place if business communities are to survive; secondly, it deals with what strategies are needed in order to create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship training and teaching; and thirdly, it considers the prospective role of entrepreneurship development (ED) institutions in training the entrepreneurs in this reform era.

Keywords: institutionalisation, entrepreneurship development programmes, India, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship education

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