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An approach of manpower development for new nuclear power programmes: a case study of Bangladesh

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This paper reviews the present state of nuclear power infrastructure of Bangladesh. It describes how Bangladesh is progressing towards nuclear power. The major infrastructure issues about the way in which to implement the country's first nuclear power project have been identified and analysed. The domestic education and training infrastructure of the nuclear power sector of the country has been reviewed and it is regarded as the most critical challenge to commence the nuclear power programme in the country. A broad–based academic and research capability in nuclear science and engineering disciplines and the professional educational and training courses for different tiers of professionals and staff of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) operating organisation and nuclear regulatory authority needs to be strengthened for the sustainable development of the nuclear power sector as well as the economic operation of nuclear power facilities of the country. An approach to the manpower development for the national nuclear power sector has also been proposed.

Keywords: nuclear power infrastructure, IAEA milestone approach, nuclear energy infrastructure, manpower development, Bangladesh, education, training, research, nuclear science, nuclear engineering, nuclear power plants, NPP, nuclear regulatory authority, sustainable development, sustainability

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