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An assessment technique for information quality support in emergency response

Emergency services introduce complexities to information exchange, including the requirement for high quality information. Despite the importance of information quality (IQ), its assessment has been given very little attention in this domain. If the IQ issue is addressed at all, the focus stays within the low level data analysis without usually considering the contexts. For a significant class of information issues, it is necessary to improve IQ not just by working with data alone, especially when the exchanged information itself is closely connected to the enterprise contexts of organisation, technology, and process. However, this problem is not commonly understood and typically not studied in IQ research. To address the limitation, this paper examines an IQ assessment technique for information exchange within the domain of emergency medical service. Our novel approach to IQ studies brings focus away from inherent information repository towards a level of enterprise, specifically applied to the domain that has received little attention in IQ research - emergency service.

Keywords: emergency medical services, EMS, information quality assessment, information exchange, enterprise information architecture, emergency services, emergency management, emergency response

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