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An automated online crisis dispatcher


During crisis events, human operators in a crisis centre will beoverloaded with a large amount of information. The stress of dealing with crisis situations can have a significant impact on the certainty of the information. Theneed for a system that is able to handle information calls automatically maythen become apparent. Our research is about a dialogue system that can play asa crisis hotline dispatcher. The dialogue system offers a natural user interactionthrough its ability to start a user-friendly dialogue taking care of the content,context and user’s emotion. It retrieves information about crisis situationsfrom users while controlling the communication flow. The system is able torecognise the emotion loading of the user’s linguistic content. The recogniseruses a database that contains selected keywords on a 2D ‘arousal’ and ‘valence’scale. Its output includes an indication of the urgency of the informationregarding the crisis.

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