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An emerging environmental market in Mauritius: myth or reality?

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During the past decade, concern for the environment has emerged as a major socio-political issue among developed nations throughout the world and the increase in the number of environment friendly or 'green' products has been significant. This paper provides information on a study which assessed the potential of the environmental market in Mauritius. The purpose of this exploratory study was to determine the environmental friendliness of 1,000 respondents in Mauritius and establish consumer perceptions of green products. One of the main findings of the research was that 'green' products have achieved substantial awareness among consumers and they are no longer regarded as a gimmick or a fad. Looking at the future of green marketing in Mauritius, it examines the dynamic nature of ecologically conscious consumer behaviour. The study also provides a method of profiling and segmenting consumers in Mauritius based upon ecologically conscious consumer behaviour.

Keywords: green marketing, consumer behaviour, environmental attitude, psychographics, green segmentation, Mauritius, green products, environmentally-friendly products, sustainable development, management, ecologically-conscious consumers, environmental marketing

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