An Evaluation of Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas in Gas Chromatography: FREE Whitepaper


Courtesy of Anthias Consulting Ltd.

Anthias Consulting has collaboratively written an application note on the use of hydrogen as a carrier gasfor the analysis and detection of pesticides in drinking water.

The paper evaluates the use of an on-site generated hydrogen carrier gas vs. helium as the carrier gas for USEPA Method 551.1, which analyses the concentration of pesticides in drinking water by liquid-liquid extraction followed by gas chromatography.

With helium becoming increasingly short in supply and prohibitively expensive, the application note addresses concerns over safety, high background noise and potential reactions with analytes when using hydrogen as a carrier gas.

The paper was by written by Anthias’ Consultant Dr Imran Janmohamed in partnership with Dr Geraint Morgan, Department of Physical Sciences at The Open University in Milton Keynes and Dr Kristopher J. Elliott, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Ltd., with the carrier gas supplied from a Parker domnick hunter 110H-MD hydrogen generator.

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