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An expenditure patterns segmentation of the music festivals' market

The importance of festivals is increasing in the tourism industry. Festivals are considered to be important generators of economic benefits. The aims of this paper are to segment the market of two music festivals that took place in two regions of Portugal (Oporto and the Coast of Alentejo) according to the participants' expenditure patterns, and, also, to analyse the differences among the segments identified in terms of socio-demographic profile and travel behaviour. In order to accomplish these objectives, a visitor survey was undertaken in the summer of 2008 yielding a total of 228 questionnaires. A hierarchical cluster analysis has been carried out. Three clusters emerged – 'residents with low expenditures', 'visitors with medium expenditures' and 'more attractive visitors'. The 'more attractive visitors' have almost the double of the expenditure of the other groups. This research enables us to obtain information in order to define more appropriate strategies to increase the positive economic impacts of events.

Keywords: expenditure patterns, events tourism, music festivals, segmentation, cluster analysis, Portugal, sociodemographic profile, travel behaviour, economic impacts

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