An Experiment in Participative Environmental Decision Making


The paper presents a method of participatory decision-making involving the authorities at local level, experts and the public. It studies how to solve the problems caused by the heterogeneity of the parties taking part in the decision-making process. The method builds on mutual learning and consideration among the participants following a systematic approach led by a moderator. The method was tested at a workshop simulating a real-life situation. The test case studied at theworkshopwas the problem of identifying the best site for a lowand intermediate level radioactive waste repository among three alternatives. The learning phase was the Krˇsko Nuclear Power Plant cooling problem. The results show that the participants were able to reach agreement on the prioritisation of the alternatives and to end up with suprisingly complex and fully reasonable decision models.We believe that this was achieved particularly due to the well defined procedure that guided the decision-making process, and the ability of all participants to see the influence of their views on the decision model.

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