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An Expert System for Source-Term Analysis and Accidental Release Modeling

Title III of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 requires establishing regulations to prevent the accidental release and to minimize the consequence of any such release of chemicals listed under 40 CFR Part 68. There is a need for a systematic approach for applying mathematical models to estimate the impact from the large number of potential release scenarios associated with these chemicals. An expert system has been developed for industrial facilities that handle these chemicals. This integrated expert hazard analysis software for personal computers can provide an efficient approach to characterize hazardous chemical releases and apply an appropriate dispersion model. By combining the ease of use of an intuitive graphical user interface and the flexibility of handling a variety of release (e.g., buoyant and dense, evaporative, ground- level and jet), the integrated system: 1) guides the input of variables for a variety of storage conditions, 2) determines release classes, 3) links to commonly used and widely accepted refined dispersion models in the public domain, and 4) graphically displays various levels of concern downwind of the release. This expert system called BREEZE HAZ SUITE provides the following capabilities: 1. Database support for hazardous chemicals listed in section 112(r) of the CAA of 1990, worst case and alternative meteorological scenarios, and release scenairos. 2. Front-end source-term and emission calculation support for a variety of accidental release models. 3. Scenario manager for analyzing worst-case and alternative release scenarios. 4. Seamless interface to popular accidental release models such as DEGADIS, SLAB, AFTOX, and INPUFF. 5. Visualization tools for timely scenario creation and analysis and presentation of results.

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