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An infrastructure for developing self-organising services


This paper describes a software package named 'licas' (lightweight internet-based communication for autonomic services) that can be used to build networks of service-based components that have the potential to behave autonomously and self-organise through stigmergic links. Discussed will be how these components are able to self-adapt inside of this infrastructure and also show potential for more intelligent behaviour. The links allow for some reasoning possibilities, both as a result of the links themselves and through monitoring the links for optimisation. One research area that appears to be particularly related to this package is that of complex adaptive systems (CASs) and associated features will be described. Comparisons will also be made with the existing established technologies in the area of service-oriented architectures (SOAs).

Keywords: infrastructure, software, self-organising services, stigmergic linking, reasoning, autonomic services, self-organisation, intelligent behaviour, internet, complex adaptive systems, service-oriented architecture, SOA

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