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An innovative management system to create new values

This paper proposes a model that creates a new value through a new management system. The values encompass two aspects: the stakeholders' values and the characteristics of the values. The basic concept behind our research on competition is based on the concept of competere, which is the Latin root of the English word compete. Com means together and petere means searching for an ideal of the world. We call the concept kyousoh or kyousei in Japanese. The stakeholders may be from inside or outside the company. The characteristics of the value vary from physical to psychological. We analyse ISO9000s and the Japan Quality Award (JQA) programme with the model. The results showing the characteristics of ISO9000s and the JQA programme are based on the value model proposed.

Keywords: comparative advantage, management circles, quality management, stakeholder management, value creation, stakeholder values, competition, ISO 9000, Japan Quality Award, JQA, quality standards

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