An Introduction to Pipe Plugs

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Pipe Plugs – sometimes called Pipe Stoppers, Balloons, Cushions, Bungs or Balls – are devices that can be inserted into a pipe, inflated with air and thereby seal the pipe for repairs, inspection and/or leak testing.

Plugs are usually constructed of vulcanized rubber reinforced with fiber cords. They have an inflation point for connecting to a source of pressurized air and attachments for moving or locating the plug in the pipe.  Some plugs have bypass connections to divert or allow fluid flow in the pipe or to introduce fluids for leak testing a section of a pipeline. They are used by all sectors of the infrastructure industry dealing with constructing, testing, modifying or repairing pipes and pipelines handling water, sewage, oil and gas or other petrochemical fluids.

Plugco – a division of the ArgeSim Group – is the largest, most experienced supplier of high-quality pipe plug equipment in Turkey. From its headquarters in Corum,  Plugco designs, manufactures and ensures on-time delivery of pipe testing equipment from its extensive line of products that includes both regular or cylindrical plugs up to 2400 mm and conical plugs to 3600mm in diameter. These plugs can be used in any pipe material including steel, concrete, ductile iron, HDPE, GRP and FRP. They are suitable for testing according to the requirements of both the European Standard EN 1610 and the North American ASTM969M.

Plugco’s customer base has grown considerably in the nearly 20 years that it has been serving the infrastructure industry and now includes clients around the world in 40 countries on 5 continents. Plugco’s delivery services span the globe.

Plugco can also provide training and instruction to your personnel, or to your contractor on the safe use of pipe plugs. Well trained teams experienced in the proper testing procedures with pipe plugs will ensure that misuse and errors are avoided. The failure of pipe plugs during their application can cause property damage, serious injury and possible fatality. Supervision of pipe plug use at a project site, or consultancy for their application can also be provided by Plugco. Please feel free to make use of the instructional on-line videos, downloadable manuals, and information brochures on our website


Should your pipe plug or pipe packer application require a specialized product that will safely withstand high temperatures, high inflation pressures, high backpressures,  or chemical resistance for instance, Plugco’s team of engineers, designers and fabricators will work with you to develop custom-made equipment that meets your specific needs. Simply contact us by telephone, email or through our website to discuss with our specialists the right choice of product for your project.


At Plugco, we enjoy what we do and we love making our customers happy. We look forward to adding your name and your company to our family.

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