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An Introduction to Ventilation Butterfly Valve

Courtesy of Adamant Valves


Ventilation butterfly valve is used in chemical industry, building materials, power plants, glass and other industries in the ventilation, environmental engineering dust or hot air gas pipeline. It acts as a gas medium to regulate and control the flow or shut-off in the pipes. Ventilation butterfly valve is a non-sealed which works in medium lower than or equal to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, this type of valve is horizontally installed.

Structural features:

Ventilation butterfly valve is designed with a new type of structure; the mid-line plate and short-structured steel plate are welded. It is compact and light weight. Also, it is easy to install and operate. Its small flow resistance allows larger flow of media to avoid swelling due to high temperature. There is no connecting rod or bolt inside. It is very reliable with long service life. It can be installed in multiple conditions, regardless of the flow direction of media.

Installation notes:

The installation location of ventilation butterfly valve, together with height, direction of entrance and exit must meet the design requirements. Attentions should be paid to the direction of the flow of medium be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked. Moreover, the connection should be solid and tight. The valves must be visually inspected before installation to avoid using broken ones. Strength and tightness tests can guarantee its performance more professionally as well.

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