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An overview of the sustainability of solid waste management at military installations

Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management at military solutions necessitates a combined approach that includes waste reduction, alternative disposal techniques, and increased recycling. Military installations are unique because they often represent large employers in the region in which they are located, thereby making any practices they employ impact overall waste management strategies of the region. Solutions for waste sustainability will be dependent on operational directives and base location, availability of resources such as water and energy, and size of population. Presented in this paper are descriptions of available waste strategies that can be used to support sustainable waste management. Results presented indicate source reduction and recycling to be the most sustainable solutions. However, new waste-to-energy plants and composting have potential to improve on these well proven techniques and allow military installations to achieve sustainable waste management.

Keywords: military installations, municipal solid waste, landfill, integrated waste management, recycling, incineration, composting, solid waste management, sustainability, sustainable development, waste reduction, alternative disposal

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