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An overview on nuclear desalination

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One of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy is in freshwater production. The present work focuses on the recent world water situation, large-scale desalination processes, electricity production, and the features required by advanced inherent and passive safe reactors. The relevant economical assessment of these adapted reactors for water-electricity cogeneration have been carried out and compared with the non-nuclear desalination methods. This assessment indicates that nuclear methods, by advanced inherent and passive safe nuclear power plants, are viable for water-electricity cogeneration and combatant more than ever in the recent crude oil situation. In such a case, PBMR and GT-MHR reactors must be taken into consideration as promising reactors for water-electricity cogeneration.

Keywords: co-generation, electricity projection, inherent save reactors, nuclear desalination, nuclear energy situation, water shortage-passive reactor, water cost, world water shortage, freshwater production, atoms for peace, seawater desalination, nuclear power

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