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Anaerobic batch degradation of cattail by rumen cultures

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The anaerobic batch digestion of cattail with two substrate concentrations of 10 g and 30 g Volatile Solids (VS)/l was investigated in this study. The hydrolysis of cattail was not significantly affected by the substrate concentrations, and it was able to be described by a first-order kinetic model with hydrolysis constants of 0.298 dāˆ’1 and 0.294 dāˆ’1, respectively. The main aqueous products from cattail degradation were Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA), in which acetate, propionate and butyrate were dominant. The molar ratio of acetate to propionate (3.3) at 10 g VS/l was larger than that (2.3) at 30 g VS/l, when the acidogenesis phase was at the stationary period. The lag period of the methanogenic phase at 10 g VS/l was shorter than that at 30 g VS/l. A modified Gompertz equation could be adopted to describe the kinetics of products formation.

Keywords: anaerobic digestion, cattail degradation, rumen cultures, kinetic modelling, hydrolysis

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