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Anaerobic digester proves ideal application for EPDM Geomembrane


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AS demand increases for environ-menially friendly energy sources, renewable energy companies like Highmark Renewables, located in Vegreville, Alberta, are utilizing an up-and-coming energy source: anaerobic digesters using animal waste. While animal waste anaerobic digesters have been part of the European landscape for many years-including facilities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland—they were all but unheard of in North America until the turn of the 21st century.

A Multipurpose Innovation

For several years, researchers have been studying ways to convert manure into energy because of the multifaceted benefits it can yield. For example, researchers have found that the manure from 7,500 cattle can power approximately 1,200 homes for an entire year. This not only makes great use of the manure, but also reduces energy bills and enhances environmental performance.

In 2001, High mark Rcncwablcs began technology development for their groundbreaking Integrated Manure Utilization -System (1MUS) in partnership with the Alberta Research Council (ARC). ARC specializes in converting early stage ideas to marketable products and services, including innovative science and technology solutions. 1 he Alberta and Canadian governments also were consulted on the project to ensure that regulatory compliances were met.

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