Anaerobic digestion system for dairy farm wastes

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On of the critical problems in dairy farms is the management of animal wastes. The first negative impact of manure and other animal wastes is emission of malodor and air pollutants and furthermore attraction of insects that may correspond to spreading of pathogens and emerging epidemic diseases. The secondary impacts of un-controlled release of manure and animal wastes are pollution of soil and water resources, spreading of parasites and weed seeds.

Therefore, animal wastes in dairy farms need to be managed and treated adequately. Management and treatment technologies are often costly especially when they have to meet the stringent environmental regulations and standards. Anaerobic digestion has been proved to be an outstanding and trustable technology that can significantly reduce the pollution and malodor problems and provide valuable outputs: Biogas and Bio-fertilizer.  Biogas is the product of biological reactions that occur inside the anaerobic digester and can be used to produce energy due to its methane content (50 to 70%). The effluent materials of digester are rich in nutrients and free from active pathogens, parasites and weed seeds hence can be applied as fertilizer in agricultural fields.

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