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Anaerobic MBR process monitoring - ADI Systems Case Study


SENTRY-AD bio-electrode sensor (BES) that monitors the microbial metabolic activity of exoelectrogenic bacteria and can be used in anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment processes. The data collected aids operators in:


Monitoring AD process stability:
Bio-electrode data allows operators to monitor, in real-time, the reactor`s microbial health.

Protecting the AD from upset:
Imbalance or toxic shock events can be identified the instant they begin to impact microbial activity. This allows the operator to take immediate action to reduce the impact on system performance.

Process optimization:
Aggregation of data and integration with existing water quality and process information provides novel insights into system performance and patterns that can be used to tune operation and maintenance.

Island Water Technologies (IWT) partnered with ADI Systems (New Brunswick, Canada) to demonstrate SENTRY-AD in an experimental pilot anaerobic membrane bioreactor system for 9 months. The probe was installed in an existing recirculation line by insertion of a tee fitting.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the SENTRY-AD technology`s ability to predict system imbalance and identify trends in performance. SENTRY-AD was installed during reactor setup, and provided real-time and long-term insight into system operation.

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