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Analog and Digital Drives for Chemical Feed Pumps

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Dart Controls offers DC drives with the essential features required for water/wastewater and chemical feed applications. These drives integrate easily with PLC / SCADA systems providing 4-20mA signals for pump set speed.  Advanced Digital DC drives offer verified actual speed feedback, diagnostic and process alarms and much more….

The 253G-200E-7 is our most popular DC drive. This enclosed NEMA 4 / 4X drive includes a dent / shatter resistant GE polymer plastic cover. This dual source voltage drive offers an adjustable HP range from 1/8 to 2HP – one drive covers all your small pump needs.  This model includes an integral MAN / OFF / AUTO mode switch conveniently mounted in the cover – allowing for both local speed pot and remote 4-20mA speed control.

The MD Plus Series is our latest Digital DC drive offering. This μProcessor based control offers many unique features not found in any other DC drive – digital closed loop PID control, integral programmable display, autosensing dual voltage source power, isolated 4-20mA input (set speed) and output (actual speed), programmable alarm / drive status / health outputs, multiple preset speed operation, and much more…….

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