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Analox attributes on show at largest laboratory exhibition


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Finally recovering from the many foot blisters acquired from walking the 12 Halls at one of the largest laboratory exhibitions in the world, the Analox team have championed Achema a resounding success.
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With our Ax60+ carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) monitor on display, mounted on the back wall of our stand and Analox’s new product, the soon to be released, Data Output Module, transmitting corresponding gas levels, delegates were impressed with what we had to offer.

The team spoke to a range of people working within the laboratory industry to not only discuss Analox products, and how they can help keep people safe from gas leaks working in a laboratory, but to also learn more about the different applications and processes undertaken in each different lab environment.

There were suppliers of laboratory and medical equipment from all over the globe showcasing products and services including pumps, compressors, valves and fittings, laboratory and analytical techniques, engineering, mechanical and thermal processes, pharmaceutical, packaging and storage techniques.

More than 100 countries took part in the exhibition which was run over 5 days at the Messe in Frankfurt, Germany.

The team spoke to several companies who sourced and worked in rooms which housed CO2 incubators for cell growth and maintenance, sample storage and conducting cell cultivation for specific protocols such as IVF and stem cell applications.

CO2 is used at 5% to maintain a healthy level, which closely simulates the physiological conditions that cells would experience within body systems, and functions as a critical pH buffer. CO2 interacts with the buffering system of the cell culture media to determine the media’s pH.

Delegates however, were unaware of the quick and severe affects even a small amount of CO2 can have on the human body, especially in a confined area. Just being exposed to an increase of 1.5% can start to have physiological effects on the human body.

Katherine Winter, Regional Account Manager at Analox said, “The exhibition was much larger than I expected and we must have walked miles to visit some of the other exhibitors. We had some really good conversations and debates with delegates who visited out stand about the importance of not only measuring CO2 in a process environment, but also from a personnel safety point of view.

“The exhibition allowed to us to gain valuable knowledge about the laboratory industries and the different sectors within it and also to meet up with current distributors of our products. Achema, proved to be a good base for conducting meetings and a useful hub to learn what’s being discussed, what emerging trends are appearing and the new technologies available within the laboratory environment.”

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