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Analox Distributor Profile: Advanced Marine


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Advanced Marine, a valued distributor of Analox, has been Southeast Asia’s leading supplier of commercial diving, survey, ROV and subsea equipment for over 35 years.

Keen to offer a wide range of products for its customer’s benefit, Advanced Marine stock a catalogue of diving equipment from over 40 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Included are several of Analox’s industry standard technologies, detecting gases such as; carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen and helium.

We got in touch with Bill Jordan, Manager, who said: ‘Analox has a wide range of products for the diving market, which meet our customer’s/end user requirements. Analox products are viewed as reliable, easy to operate and calibrate.’

He then added: ‘Analox is good to work with from a distributor perspective. The sales team are responsive and tech support is really helpful. Servicing for our customer units outside our scope of repair have improved significantly recently, with delivery times meeting the promised schedules.’

When asked why Advanced Marine decided to select Analox as a supplier, Bill said: ‘We selected Analox for commercial diving equipment way back when it was know

n as Scottish Anglo. They made the best gas analysers that were applicable for the diving industry.’

One of the key Analox products sold by Advanced Marine is the Hyper-gas MKII, an essential piece of equipment used to monitor hydrocarbons in breathing air which, left unchecked, can be fatal for divers.
Hydrocarbon detection

Hyper-gas MKII for hydrocarbons

The unit was originally designed in 2006 as a response to an incident in the North Sea where a diving bell was contaminated with hydrocarbons brought into the bell from the seabed by a diver.   Small quantities of hydrocarbons can set off gas in the bell atmosphere and act as an anaesthetic which could prove potentially fatal for divers if they are not made aware so that they can take evasive action. The Hyper-Gas MkII is now mandated by The Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) in their “411 Report” which means that any diving contractor working for an OGP members such as Shell, BP, Total or Chevron must have a Hyper-Gas MkII installed in their saturation divingsystem.

We then asked Bill Jordan what Advanced Marine customers think about Analox products. He said: ‘They are reliable, fit for purpose and rugged enough for offshore operations.’

He added: ‘Customers find the operation and calibration of Analox products easy to do. Analox is the only company making the hyper-gas unit for Bell hydrocarbon monitoring, which is mandatory for some saturation divers which is really useful.’

In addition to OEM commercial diving and underwater equipment, Advanced Marine provide manufacturing and servicing of diving, survey and ancillary equipment in their Singapore workshop. This includes maintenance and servicing of all of their product offerings including OEMs and the servicing and calibration of Analox analysers as required

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