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Analysis of convergence in paper and printing industry

Fusion of new technologies and convergence has led to the emergence of new industries. This paper uses patent data of the paper and electronics companies to evaluate their overlapping technologies in discovering new businesses based on technology convergence. Patent data was collected from the 87 main players operating in the RFID value chain. Backward citations and technology cycle time have been used to get an idea of knowledge spillovers and rate of technological innovation between the players. The recognised trends of the growing overlaps of the technological fields show indications for knowledge spillovers and convergence between industries. This type of patent analysis helps to recognise trajectory changes early in the industry and helps companies to take strategic decisions accordingly.

Keywords: industry evolution, patent analysis, knowledge spillovers, technology cycle time, TCT, technological trajectories, technology convergence, paper and printing industry, electronics industry, patents, RFID value chain, radio frequency identification, technological innovation, strategic decision making

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