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Analysis of edge stresses of plain concrete pavements

The paper focus on analysis carried out for a wide range of load and slab-soil combinations, with an aim to derive unified expression on edge stresses. Edge stresses of plain concrete (PC) slabs-on-grade were computed by finite element methods using three-dimensional (3D) brick and spring elements for slab and soil, respectively. The soil as Winkler type spring model represented by elastic springs (soil-structure interaction) and their stiffness was derived from modulus of sub-grade reaction. The influence of any particular base or sub base on edge stresses was not studied here. The expression was validated with both experimental and theoretical results obtained from literature review on software.

Keywords: rigid pavements, edge stress, load-area effect, edge distance, concrete pavements, concrete slabs, soil, finite element method, FEM, soil-structure interaction, elastic springs, stiffness

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