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Analysis of Islamic website design

This article presents and analyses the findings regarding the utility of Islamic websites in terms of messages, credibility, standardisation, acceleration, printability, and distribution of terminologies. According to Leavitt and Shneiderman (2006), designers should make every attempt to reduce the users workload by taking advantage of the computer's capabilities. Users will make the best use of websites when information is displayed in a directly usable format and content organisation is highly intuitive. The data is gathered from feedback to a questionnaire distributed to respondents from three faculties, namely ICT, engineering, and IRKHS students in various levels of university education. The data collected is based on five selected Islamic websites, namely,,, islam–, and

Keywords: web interface, web design, website design, multimedia, Islamic websites, Islam, web users, information, interaction, graphics, data, website evaluation, university students, usefulness, usability

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