Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Analysis of PCBs and Organochlorinated pesticides in river water using simultaneous Scan/MRM measurement in GC-MS/MS

Courtesy of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

PCBs and some chlorinated pesticides are resistant to decomposition in the environment, and tend to accumulate in living organisms. As a result, they are designated as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) under the Stockholm Convention. In monitoring these environmental pollutants in river water and sludge, sensitivity for the detection of trace quantities and separation from impurities in the samples become important issues. In addition, in recent years, incidents of the discharge of chemical substances have increased on a global scale, heightening demands for the identification of unanticipated pollutants in order to investigate causes and take necessary measures swiftly.

The GCMS-TQ8030 GC-MS/MS system achieves simultaneous scan/MRM measurements using high-speed scan and high-speed MRM data acquisition technology. This Application Data Sheet reports on MRM sensitivity and analytical repeatability when using simultaneous scan/MRM measurements with respect to PCBs and chlorinated pesticides.