Analysis of PeCOD Technology and Comparison to Dichromate Method


Courtesy of MANTECH Inc.


The main objective of this report was to determine if a correlation exists between peCOD technology and the dichromate method of estimating Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Additional investigations described in this report were: to identify whether particle size in water samples affects the estimate of COD obtained by peCOD analysis and, to identify whether peCOD analysis is accurate when testing COD standards. Various wastewater samples were collected and tested using the peCOD and dichromate COD methods; additionally, COD standards were prepared and tested to ensure precision of the estimation methods. The peCOD COD procedure does not require the use of any hazardous materials and disposal methods are inexpensive and straightforward.

After the wastewater samples were tested and analyzed, it was discovered that a relationship exists between estimates of COD obtained using peCOD when compared to dichromate. Therefore, it was determined that peCOD is a suitable technology for the analysis of wastewater samples. Many of these wastewater samples tested using peCOD contained a large solids content, and it was concluded that peCOD cannot test any water samples with large solids content, or containing large particles, without prior filtration. In regard to the analysis of COD standard solutions, peCOD is more accurate and precise than the dichromate method at estimating the value of COD.

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